Water & Sewer Master Plans, Statesboro, GA

Nearly 35 Years of Service & Infrastructure

The City of Statesboro has been a client of Hussey Gay Bell’s for nearly 35 years. During that period, Hussey Gay Bell has designed over 150 infrastructure projects for the City ranging from new location water and system to system extensions and rehab for water, sewer and drainage, wastewater treatment plant new construction and upgrades, as well as reclaimed water systems and regional pump stations.

Of note, Hussey Gay Bell’s engineering team has been providing water and sewer master planning and associated design services to the City since the 1980s having commenced provision of services for the Water & Sewer Maps in 1990, followed by the Whitesville Water & Sewer Plans in 1993 and City-Wide Water System Master Planning in 1998. In 2001, the City engaged Hussey Gay Bell to develop a Consolidated Water and Sewer Master Plan. After 2001, the City began to focus on smaller areas to meet the needs of growing development and therefore, the firm provided “micro-master plans” for various areas of the City.

In 2012-2013, Hussey Gay Bell was contracted to provide the City with a Water & Sewer Master Plan for the Southeast Quadrant area in Statesboro, Georgia to develop building water and sewer demands, which resulted in the design and construction of a master regional sewage lift station with initial capacity of 500 gpm and build-out capacity of 2,850 gpm with an 8-inch paralleled force main for build-out capacity. The master lift station design included complete site work, SCADA system and back-up power generation. This project also included design and construction of 11,660 LF of 12-inch water main, 4,962 LF of 12-inch gravity sewer, 1,443 LF 8-inch gravity sewer, jack and bore of 24 and 30-inch steel casings, horizontal directional drill of 12-inch FPVC water main, and 30 manholes.

Furthermore, in 2018, the firm is being commissioned to update the 2001 consolidated master plan not only for the water and sewer, but also the City’s wastewater treatment plant and water/sewer rate structure.

Water & Sewer Master Plans
Statesboro, GA

For nearly 35 years, Hussey Gay Bell has provided services to the City of Statesboro. Each of the master planning projects have evolved into dozens of projects ranging from new location water and sewer systems to system extensions and rehab, as well as new pump stations and upgrades to existing pump stations. Projects have required extensive coordination with the City, County and property owners for sewer and water line route development, permitting and easement acquisition.