Volar Barracks Renovation, Fort Stewart, GA

A Case in Moisture Infiltration Reduction in 1.2M SF if Military Housing

The Volar Barracks Moisture Infiltration Reduction Project consisted of the implementation of several strategies to reduce moisture infiltration in thirty Volar Barracks complex buildings, 1,200,000 SF total space. Originally built in the mid-seventies, all are three stories and range in size from 35,775 SF to 59,625 SF. The project scope included roofing over and enclose of the courtyards, adding HVAC, lighting and smoke evacuation systems to the courtyards, enclosing stair towers and adding first floor enclosed vestibules, sealing all windows, installing new mechanical room doors, repairs to exterior walls, insulating mechanical ducts and piping and sealing wall and floor penetrations.

Hussey Gay Bell performed an initial study to determine the existing condition of the 30 barracks buildings regarding moisture infiltration into the buildings. The exterior stairwells were not enclosed, which provided a source for moisture infiltration. Additionally, the courtyards were open-air exposed to rain and humidity. As Hussey Gay Bell moved on to the design phase, these were the two items which were significant design challenges. However, the most daunting challenge was the design schedule. The time period from award of the Task Order by the District, to completion of the Corrected Final Design Submittal was 30 working days (approximately 1 ½ months). This was driven by the need to obligate Fort Stewart DPW’s year end funds. Other challenges included evaluating the condition of the existing exterior brick for each building, recommending which panels of brick needed to be replaced, and developing specifications which assured that brick installed 40 years earlier could be removed and replaced with new matching brick. Another challenge involved working with the Fort Stewart Soldier Housing office in developing a construction phasing plan for the 30 buildings that was compatible with the 3rd Infantry Division’s troop deployments. This necessitated preparing 30 independent stand-alone sets of drawings and specifications. In spite of these challenges, the design was completed on schedule and the construction project was awarded within budget. Hussey Gay Bell received and exceptional performance rating for our work on this project.

Volar Barracks Renovation
Fort Stewart, GA

A challenging project in terms of scope and duration, this barracks renovation featured strategies to reduce moisture infiltration in 33 buildings totaling over 1.2 million SF in a short time frame during soldier deployment. The result was an exceptional performance rating from the US Army Corps of Engineers.