VA Community Outpatient Clinic, Anderson, SC

A Coastal Healthcare Facility Designed to Serve Veterans

Hussey Gay Bell served as the Architect of Record for this 2-story, 71,000 SF Outpatient Clinic located in Anderson, South Carolina designed for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The 12-acre site includes a covered patient drop-off area, parking areas for patients and staff, as well as a wellness-walking trail with picnic area. The clinic features a high-profile two-story lobby and features a high glass clerestory that extends from the front lobby to the two-story lobby at the rear entrance of the building. The clinic includes sections for Administration, Security, Mental Health, Women’s Health, Voluntary Service Organizations, Radiology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Prosthetics & Sensory Aids, Eye Clinic, Specialty Clinic, Medical Administration, Lab/Pathology Care, Procedure Area, Education Area, Toilets, Lockers and Staff Shower. This facility is LEED Gold certified.

VA Community Outpatient Clinic
Anderson, SC

In 2015, this $11M outpatient clinic was completed. Hussey Gay Bell designed this regional facility to provide healthcare services to veterans, primarily those residing in coastal Georgia and South Carolina.