UAC & Shoot House, Fort Stewart, GA

Urban Assault Course and Shoot House

The Urban Assault Course consisted of a new facility with five training stations (Individual Team Trainer, a Squad Trainer, a Gredadier Gunnery Trainer, an Offense/Defense Building, and an Underground Trainer), an operations/storage building, an observation tower and a latrine facility. Realistic, reconfigurable human targetry, both combatant and non-combatant, with data collection and transmission capabilities were installed. This facility is used to conduct the intermediate stage of Urban Operations Training using the crawl, walk, run process and provides precursor training for the Shoot House and Combined Arms Collective Training Facility.  Supporting facilities included electrical distribution, storm drainage, communications, roads, parking and site improvements. Demolition of 3 buildings (4,620 SF total) was included in the project and anti-terrorism/force protection measures were applied. Heating and air conditioning were provided by self-contained package units for the operation/storage building, and latrine.

The Shoot House consisted of a new two-story, 5,000 SF shoot house used for live fire training exercises, a command and control after action review building, a maintenance/storage building, and a latrine. The shoot house is equipped with reconfigurable, plug and play targetry with accurate scoring capability, video capture capability, and a crane system supported by a free-standing roof to be used for the removal of doorways and blow panels after completion of training events. The command and control building contains an after-action review room, equipment control room and administrative spaces. Supporting facilities included electrical and water distribution systems, sanitary and storm sewer collection systems, communications, security lighting, fencing, parking, sidewalks, AT/FP measures, and other site improvements. Heating and air conditioning (approximately 7 tons) were provided by self-contained units, to the command and control building and the maintenance/storage building only.

UAC & Shoot House
Fort Stewart, GA

Design of two training facilities at Fort Stewart: Urban Assault Course and Shoot House.