Toombs County Courthouse, Lyons, GA

Toombs County Courthouse and Detention Center

The project consists of the development of a Feasibility Study for the Toombs County Courthouse and Detention Center. The Toombs County Courthouse, built in 1964 is located on a 6.56-acre site and currently houses court functions and county administrative offices. The 125-bed Detention center was built on 4.82 acres next to the Courthouse site in the early 1990s. Due to space limitations the District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, and the Elections Board are not housed in the Courthouse and both facilities are experiencing many issues including functionality, security, interior configuration, handicap accessibility, building systems, structural characteristics, parking, etc. due to the age of the facilities and the growth of population.

The overall goal of the Study is to provide the Toombs County Commission with the most viable option to develop a Courthouse and Detention Center Complex to house all court functions and all County administrative offices, and to accommodate growth in the County to a population of 50,000 (28,000 currently) staying in downtown Lyons, Georgia. Scope of services include the following:

  1. Analyzing the current Courthouse building to determine highest and best use.
  2. Analyzing the current Detention Center to determine highest and best use.
  3. Developing a written Space Program to document space needs for all Courthouse functions and all County administrative offices (to be approved by the Commission) including the Detention Center.
  4. Developing options for renovation, expansion, and/or new construction to present at a Work Session with the Commissioners.
  5. Providing final report with plans, elevations, site plans, and cost data for most viable option(s).

[Image:  Courtesy of Rosser]

Toombs County Courthouse and Detention Center
Lyons, GA

As the County grows, the functionality and security need to grow as well.