Tomochichi U.S. Courthouse Annex, Savannah, GA

Tomochichi U.S. Courthouse Annex

Congress appropriated funding for this project in 2016 as part of an overall $947M Courthouse Investment Plan to modernize this entire judicial complex in historic Savannah to meet current and long-term needs for security, accessibility and operational efficiency. The initial design featured a more modern design that would have transected an urban arterial – President Street – thus impacting the community plan originally created. After gathering public feedback and meeting with community stakeholders, the design team worked with GSA to develop the final design, which preserves President Street and the initial community plans. The resulting project consists of a new 3-story, 37,000 SF annex constructed on a site that required the demolition of an existing government building and courtyard area. The new annex features bankruptcy courtrooms, judges’ chambers and suites, bankruptcy clerk and probation office personnel workstations, office support spaces, storage spaces, U.S. Marshals Services, joint use, as well as common and special spaces within the new facility. Design was required to comply with multiple federal standards, as well as City of Savannah requirements.

Because the new building occupies the full length of the property, creative solutions such as pervious pavers and a cistern were implemented to satisfy stormwater and water quality requirements. Approvals were obtained from City of Savannah, Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission, Savannah Historic Review Board, and the General Services Administration (GSA). The project is anticipated to achieve LEED Gold and SITES Silver certifications.

Tomochichi U.S. Courthouse Annex
Savannah, GA

New 37,000 SF federal courthouse annex anticipated to achieve LEED Gold and SITES Silver certifications that will allow the Judiciary to meet its current and long-term needs for security, accessibility, and operational efficiency.