Sylvania WWTP Improvements, Sylvania, GA

Sylvania Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

The project consisted of the demolition and replacement of six (6) surface aerators in the aerator basins, modification of aeration basin influent and return sludge piping, demolition and replacement of mechanical equipment in the existing concrete tanks of two clarifiers, construction of one new concrete clarifier, installation of one new return sludge pump, new Motor Control Center building and new chemical feed building.

The project was financed by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) loan.

Sylvania WWTP Improvements
Sylvania, GA

Hussey Gay Bell’s design for the improvements included replacing surface aerators and equipment in the two existing clarifiers; constructing a new clarifier, modifying piping, installing a new effluent sampler, updating the chlorination system, etc.