Savannah Portside Int’l Park, Effingham County, GA

1,600-Acres of Portside Property Slated for Growth

Since 2008, Hussey Gay Bell has been providing design services to the Effingham County IDA on this 1,600-acre property situated at Old River Road and Interstate 16. From 2013-2015, Hussey Gay Bell formerly worked with both Moon River Studios, Inc. and the Effingham County IDA to provide overall due-diligence, surveying and water line and entrance road design services for the proposed Moon River film and TV studio site – 1,600 acres owned by the IDA at Old River Road and Interstate 16.   Additionally, engineers worked with Georgia Power to discuss alternatives to provide power to the site.  The development plan originally called for the first stages and warehouses to be operational by the end of 2016; however, in April of 2016, Moon River terminated its agreement with the IDA and relinquished all rights to the property owned by the IDA. Since that time, Hussey Gay Bell has continued to work with the Effingham County IDA to design numerous infrastructure projects for the site in preparation for development including “I-16 Northern Industrial Tract Deep Well & 500,000 Gallon Elevated Storage Tank & Master Distribution,” which consisted of the design and construction of a well to the Upper Floridan Aquifer, well house, one 1,500 GPM vertical turbine pump, ductile iron water mains, fittings, valves, fence, graded aggregate base, chlorinator and all chlorine equipment, miscellaneous water lines, emergency generator, water meter and valves, SCADA, and appurtenances as well as 8,000 LF of 12” water main.

Savannah Portside Int'l Park
Effingham County, GA

For over 10 years, Hussey Gay Bell’s team of professionals has been engaged in the due-diligence and infrastructure planning for this new industrial park named for its strategic position in a market tight on space. With direct access to the Port of Savannah via rail this 1,600 tract is prepped for future expansion for industry desiring strategic access to the port.