Reclaimed Water System Master Plan, Statesboro, GA

Reuse Water System for a University & Municipality

This project consisted of Hussey Gay Bell developing a master plan for the extension of utility services to the new southwest campus area. This master plan included an evaluation of reuse water for irrigation areas and the existing and proposed application rates by Georgia Southern University. This master plan reviewed various sites on the University campus for irrigation, the water demand projects, the storage and irrigation demands of each potential site. The second part of this project was working with the City of Statesboro to identify how best to deliver, route and store reuse water to not only the University, but also to other potential customers. This project provided master planning for both a university campus and a municipality to identify potential reuse customers, water demands and how best to develop infrastructure to serve these reuse sites. This project required an understanding of the reuse water rate of production from the City of Statesboro’s wastewater treatment plant, hydraulic modeling to determine the distribution route and storage options for both the City, University and future customers.

This project ultimately has resulted in the design and construction of a reuse water pump station, hydropnuematic tank and distribution force main. Hussey Gay Bell designed this infrastructure, along with the necessary electrical and instrumentation to provide for a viable system that meets the needs of all parties and is readily expandable for future customers. This reuse water distribution system currently irrigates the Georgia Southern University football stadium and soccer complex. Expansion is planned for two multi-family housing developments adjacent to the University, as well as a community driving range. Hussey Gay Bell has also recently replaced the City’s existing sand filters with AquaDisk filters for an increased reuse water capacity of 10 MGD.

Reclaimed Water System Master Plan
Statesboro, GA

With an increased reuse water capacity of 10 MGD, the City of Statesboro’s Reclaimed Water System Master Plan & Designs project offers a reuse water system for not only a municipality, but also a university.