Pooler Wastewater Treatment Plant & Upgrade, Pooler, GA

From 2.5 MGD to 3.3 MGD, 6.223 MGD, Pooler Continues Path Of Innovation In Treatment

The first phase of this project consisted of a new 2.5 MGD hollow fiber (GE ZeeWeed) membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant constructed on a very small tract of land next to an existing 0.98 MGD aerated lagoon facility. Effluent from this facility is discharged to a receiving stream as well as reused for beneficial irrigation within a golf course community, City recreational fields and a cold storage industrial facility. The Pooler MBR Plant generally consisted of design and reroute of several influent force mains, preliminary step screens, aerated grit chamber, equalization basin, intermediate pump station, fine screens, aeration basins, MBR basins, ultraviolet disinfection, effluent wetwell and pumps, static aerator and outfall sewer, sludge digestion and belt filter press dewatering building and truck loading.  The second phase of this project consists of an expansion from 2.5 to 3.3 MGD of the Pooler membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant.  This project was designed to increase the hydraulic capacity of the membranes to 3.3 MGD using portions of the GE LEAP technology and other critical elements to the operation of the facility, as well as the replacement of influent bar screens and the addition of septage receiving station and second belt press.

The Pooler MBR Plant expansion included replacement of the existing membranes with the new generation of ZeeWeed membranes, installation of baffle walls in MBR tanks, modifications of aeration basin configuration for biological nutrient removal, chemical addition for phosphorous removal, and replacement of fine band screens with rotary drum screens, equalization pumping modifications and wet weather storage pond pump station. Construction of these upgrades was phased to meet the slower growth, while continuing to improve the operational efficiency of the plant.

Hussey Gay Bell is currently providing design services for another expansion to increase treatment capacity from 3.3 MGD to 6.223 MGD; to improve headworks screening including wet weather flows to equalization pond; and to improve biological treatment process to remove phosphorous. The firm is also evaluating alternative biosolids dewatering and disposal options. The project is being funded by GEFA.

Pooler Wastewater Treatment Plant & Upgrade
Pooler, GA

Hussey Gay Bell’s history of service to the City began nearly 40 years ago when the City was just a sleepy little port town to the west of Savannah. During the course of those 40 years, Hussey Gay Bell has worked with the City to continue to evolve their treatment processes due to massive growth – from the design of the original lagoon system plant in the 80s to the design of the new greenfield 2.5 MGD facility and expansion to 3.3 MGD, to the most recent expansion to 6.223 MGD.