Pooler Reuse Water Distribution, Pooler, GA

Large-Scale Infrastructure for Pooler

The Pooler Reuse Water Distribution System Upgrades consisted of two extensions to the City of Pooler’s reuse water distribution system to provide reclaimed water to the City’s recreation park and the Nordic Cold Storage facility. The first project modified the existing reuse water force main at the City’s wastewater treatment plant to allow for water to be sent to both the original user, the Savannah Quarters Golf Club and the Recreation Park. The second project extended the reuse water system from the City’s Recreation Park to the Nordic Cold Storage Facility. This project is an example of hydraulic modeling of reuse water systems that serve multiple customers from a single wetwell. In addition, the water demands of the different types of reuse users had to be determined and balanced with the pumping capacity of the effluent pumps, operator availability at the plant, storage availability for each user and duration of user demands.

The reuse water force main to the City’s Recreation Park generally consisted of a second connection to the reuse water header at the Pooler WWTP, automated valves and instrumentation for flow measurement, hydraulic modeling and design of a reuse water force main to the Recreation Park, a ground storage tank and package irrigation pump station.

The reuse water force main to the Nordic facility generally consists of an extension of the force main from the City’s Recreation Park to Nordic’s facility on Jimmy DeLoach Parkway, automated valves for isolation between the two users, hydraulic modeling and design of approximately 20,000 LF of 10” reuse water force main to Nordic’s onsite irrigation pond. Design of the Nordic reuse water force main includes routing through existing residential communities, horizontal directional drill of canal, wetlands crossings, jack and bore of roadways and negotiating existing underground utilities and easements. One of the most significant features of these two projects was the hydraulic modeling to determine the effect continuous pumps to the Nordic facility would have on the City’s ability to provide reuse water to the recreation park. In addition, this project is currently under construction and is being funding through GEFA with a 1% loan reduction rate for water conservation.

Pooler Reuse Water Distribution
Pooler, GA

Since 2008, Hussey Gay Bell has provided services to the City for the Pooler Reuse Water Distribution System Upgrades: Recreation Park Force Main, Storage Tank and Irrigation Pumps, Nordic Reuse Water Force Main, Phase 2.