Police Dept Central Precinct, Savannah, GA

New Police Precinct Creates Visual Pillar of Public Safety

The new Savannah Police Department Central Precinct is located on a 1.6-acre site between Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Montgomery Street at 33rd and 34th Streets – the most densely populated area in the City of Savannah. Paid through SPLOST funding, this 13,300 SF multi-purpose central precinct design included administrative offices, patrol operations, equipment storages including tactical storage for guns, body camera charging room, interview rooms, squad room and community room. This facility was designed to meet all critical facility guidelines and also designed to be welcoming and visually compatible with its historic context, while also conveying the respectable stature of a public safety building. The project was originally intended to be Design-Build, but shifted to a sole source state selection. Despite this shift, the Hussey Gay Bell’s architects and engineers worked side by side with City staff from planning through construction completion and made this project a reality.

Police Dept Central Precinct
Savannah, GA

For years, the City had considered the placement of a central precinct facility in District 1, the most densely populated area in the entire City. Then, in February of 2018, post demerger of the county and city police departments, the Savannah Police Department began operating under a four-precinct model that includes Northwest, Southside, Eastside and Central precincts. Paid through SPLOST funding, the construction of this 13,300 SF multi-purpose Central Precinct marks the first building constructed specifically for Savannah officers in more than a century.