PEN 3A Water Transmission Main, Charleston, SC

48 and 36-inch water transmission main

Hussey Gay Bell is currently providing engineering design services for the PEN 3A Water Transmission Main project, which includes all aspects of the design of the transportation main. Due to the magnitude of this project, construction will occur in two phases.

Phase I connects the existing 48-inch water main on Spruill Avenue near Reynolds Avenue with the existing 20-inch main on Greenleaf Street to provide additional water capacity and redundancy for the Charleston Peninsula and East Cooper areas. Phase I comprises design of approximately 16,500 LF of 36-inch ductile and steel water main.

Phase II connects to the 36-inch main constructed in Phase I at Greenleaf Street and terminate at the Nassau Street ground storage tank. Phase II comprises design of approximately 9,780 LF of 30-inch ductile iron and steel water main.

Design is based on two different methods of construction, open-cut and horizontal directional drill.

PEN 3A Water Main
Charleston, SC

The PEN 3A Water Transmission Main project will be constructed in two phases due to the magnitude of the project.