Northbrook Middle School, Suwanee, GA

Northbrook Middle School & Northbrook Center

Northbrook Middle School:  This middle school was completed in 2014 and accommodates 950 students with a core capacity of 2,000 students.  It is unusual because it is located inside an existing distribution warehouse.  The owner was able to take advantage of cost savings by reusing an existing building that required very little site work, which greatly reduced the budget.  Prior to this project, Hussey Gay Bell completed a master plan for the site to include a 1,400-student elementary school inside the adjacent 2-story administrative area.  The new Middle School design includes: State-of-the-art media center, 30 regular classrooms, 12 science classrooms, full-size competition gymnasium with provisions for future auxiliary gym, kitchen designed to be shared with future elementary school, and connections labs include:  Art Lab, Family Consumer Science Lab, Band Suite, Choral Suite, Technology Lab.

Northbrook Center:  This project, located in the same warehouse where Northbrook Middle School is, consisted of the extensive renovation of a 95,000 SF special education complex with the Middle School in operation. The Center offers three programs to its students: ADAPT (Assisting Developing Adults with Productive Transitions), STRIVE (Supported Training and Rehabilitative Instruction in Vocational Education) and The BRIDGE (Building Relationships In Discipline, Goals and Education). Northbrook Center provides special education programs from separate areas of the district into one shared facility, which also incorporates the District’s police precinct headquarters. Our expertise in complex renovation projects allowed us to seamlessly navigate multiple building code challenges to bring separate occupancies together under one roof.

Northbrook Middle School
Suwanee, GA

A warehouse was reborn as two learning facilities for youngsters. A Gwinnett County School District owned warehouse was economically and successfully converted into Northbrook Middle School and Northbrook Center.