Natural Gas System Improvements, Portland, TN

Natural Gas System Improvements to Strengthen Distribution System

The Phase III Natural Gas System Improvements project provides service to previously unserved areas within the City of Portland and Sumner County, while providing reduced pressure drops and improved operating capabilities with looping of the system, taking into consideration the system’s existing capacity and future growth demand. Major components of the project include 52,000 LF of 4-inch polyethylene natural gas line, 25 4-inch excess flow valves, 10,000 LF of 3/4-inch and 2,000 LF of 1-inch service line, 50 customer service assemblies, 7 stream crossings, a river crossing and a gate station heater.

Scope of work included the evaluation of existing conditions, determination of the proposed project impact on the existing system under peak anticipated flow conditions while allowing for future growth, design and preparation of plans and specifications, preparation of easements/deed descriptions, obtaining Department of Transportation and County Highway Permits, preparation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and Aquatic Resources Alteration Permit applications, construction administration, construction observation and project close-out.

Natural Gas System Improvements
Portland, TN

The Phase III Natural Gas System Improvements for the City of Portland reached completion in January 2019. This project demonstrates Hussey Gay Bell’s experience with natural gas system improvements through the extension of natural gas service to unserved areas within an existing system. This project required coordination with the City of Portland Natural Gas System staff to determine the desired service area(s) and the evaluation of proposed and alternative routes. Additionally, a feasibility study was performed and an existing distribution model was simulated to determine the impact of the proposed project on the existing system under peak future flow conditions.