Lift Station 4048 Force Main Re-Route, Brunswick, GA

A Coastal, Residential Extension of Service

Hussey Gay Bell was contracted by Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water & Sewer Commission (BGJWSC) to design approximately 3,100 LF of 24-inch force main to replace an existing 14-inch force main. The force main provides additional sewer capacity to the BGJWSC’s Lift Station 4005 by eliminating the re-pumping of sewer flow from three contributory lift stations.

The project is located within a congested residential area of downtown Brunswick and the new force main extends from the existing LS 4048 force main along Townsend Street to the existing gravity sewer along 5th Street. Construction of the 24-inch force main utilized numerous horizontal directional drills to minimize disruption to residents and traffic. The project also included a jack and bore crossing of two railroad tracks. The new force main is almost entirely high-density polyethylene (HDPE). In addition, the force main termination manhole was made entirely of HDPE to minimize corrosion from hydrogen sulfide gas.

Hussey Gay Bell’s professional services generally included: wetland delineation; topographic survey of existing topography, including surface features and utilities from the LS 4048 force main near the intersection of Townsend Street and Branham Avenue to 5th Street; all necessary calculations for the design and permitting of the force main, including the impacts to LS 4048, LS 4028 and LS 4006; development of a proposed alignment for the LS 4048 force main reroute; preliminary and final design; permitting; and bidding assistance and construction phase services.

Lift Station 4048 Force Main Re-Route
Brunswick, GA

In 2017, Hussey Gay Bell began the extension of a 24-inch force main from an existing lift station in a coastal, residential area which required successful collaboration with the BGJWSC and maintenance of service for the area’s businesses and residents.