Lift Station 23 Upgrades, Savannah, GA

Lift Station 23 Upgrades, Force Main & HDD

Hussey Gay Bell is currently designing the upgrades to the existing Lift Station 23 and a new force main, complete and operational, without loss of service. Lift Station No. 23 is located north of the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) Hive and south of the Oglethorpe Avenue on-ramp to the Talmadge Bridge. The Lift Station No. 23 upgrade and force main will be used to provide an additional 2,000 gallons per minute (GPM) of influent from the new Enmarket Arena, as well as commercial and residential development associated with the new Canal District.

This project scope includes evaluating the performance and condition of the existing Lift Station 23 and designing approximately 6,200 LF of 24” effluent force main from the lift station to an existing connection point on the southeast corner of Oglethorpe Avenue and East Broad Street delivered via a combination of HDD and open-cut.

Lift Station 23 Upgrades
Savannah, GA

The upgraded Lift Station No. 23 and force main will serve the new Canal District including Savannah Arena.