Lift Station 23 Upgrades, Savannah, GA

Lift Station 23 Upgrades, Force Main & HDD

Under a separate contract, yet in tandem with the design and construction of the city’s $165 million Enmarket Arena, Hussey Gay Bell was contracted to design the Lift Station 23 Upgrades & Force Main Replacement project to increase capacity in the project area. The project consisted of the upgrade to the pumping capacity of LS 23 to 2,000 GPM by installing a fourth pump and replacing the existing 20-inch force main with approximately 6,000 LF of 30-inch Fusible PVC installed by Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) at a depth of 100 feet below existing grade in a 36” welded steel casing.

The selection of HDD installation provided numerous advantages. Of note, the installation method provides 1) Low impact to surrounding areas: Since this project encompasses downtown Savannah from east to west, disruption of businesses, traffic, historical sites and tourism was a major consideration. Except at the ends of the HDD installation, there is very little impact to downtown businesses and visitors and 2) Schedule: The force main is able to be replaced more quickly via HDD than traditional open-cut methods. A traditional open-cut installation can exceed 2 years for completion. This HDD installation saves over 2 years of major disruption to downtown Savannah.  Installed by Astra and The HDD Group, this project is anticipated to reach completion in late 2022.

Lift Station 23 Upgrades
Savannah, GA

The upgraded Lift Station No. 23 and force main will serve the new Canal District including Savannah Arena.