Lift Station 166 Force Main, Savannah, GA

Lift Station No. 166 Parallel Force Main

Hussey Gay Bell is completing design of a new 16″ effluent force main for the existing Lift Station No. 166.  The new force main will follow the existing 8″ force main route along Highlands Blvd and Jimmy Deloach Pkwy to I-95 where it will cross the interstate by horizontal direction drill (HDD). The new force main will continue along Jimmy Deloach Pkwy beyond Lift Station No. 158 to Lift Station No. 159. The majority of the new force main will be installed by direct bury, however HDD along with jack and bore methods will also be employed.  The project will increase the pumping capacity of Lift Station No. 166 to meet future requirements.

Lift Station 166 Force Main
Savannah, GA

The new force main will cross I-95, bypass Lift Station 158 and be extended all the way to Lift Station 159.