Service Area Water & Sewer, Pooler and Savannah, GA

Over 150 Infrastructure Projects, Decades of Service

Since the 1960s, Hussey Gay Bell’s engineering team has master planned and designed over 150 infrastructure projects for the City ranging from new location water and sewer system extensions and rehab for water, sewer and drainage, wastewater treatment plant new construction and upgrades, as well as reclaimed water systems and regional pump stations.

Of significance, in 2004, Hussey Gay Bell was engaged by the City of Pooler to perform water and sewer master planning in the City’s “Key Slot” service area to determine how to serve multiple large privately-owned tracts of land. In addition to master planning, the firm was charged with determining the most economical way to get water and sewer to the area and required numerous meetings with the property owners/developers.

Upon completion of the master plan, Hussey Gay Bell’s engineers then facilitated the development of a water and sewer agreement between multiple development entities and the City of Pooler and then prepared a GEFA loan application on behalf of the City to cover the cost of the designing and installing the infrastructure necessary to serve the various tracts, which was 100% guaranteed by the developers through letters of credit.

In addition to the overall master plan, brokerage of public/private water and sewer agreements and the successful application for GEFA funding, Hussey Gay Bell oversaw the design and construction installation of multiple fast track phases of water and sewer infrastructure necessary to serve these tracts. The 2006 first phase consisted of all survey, easement and ROW encroachment necessary to design and install 16,700 LF of 12-inch and 16-inch water main, jack and bore of 24”, 30” and 36” steel casing, 2,450 LF of 8”, 10” and 12” gravity sewers and 12 manholes, and 4,900 LF of 10-inch force main. Project scope also included design and construction of a new 1.0 MGD sewage lift station with duplex submersible pumps, including bypass connection, receiving manhole, control panel, standby power and SCADA, which was designed for future capacity upgrade as required in the City’s master sewer plan. This project also included all necessary hydraulic modeling required for water and sewer line sizing, EPD permitting, compliance with GEFA loan requirements, preliminary and final design, bidding and construction phase services.

Key Slot Service Area Water & Sewer
Pooler and Savannah, GA

Modeled using Bentley WaterGEMS, this project provides a phased approach to planning growth for water and sewer infrastructure over a ten-year period.