Jimmy Deloach Connector, Savannah, GA

The Final Mile:  Uninterrupted Access for 9,500 Trucks Headed to the Port

The 3.1-mile, four-lane Deloach Connector is a new extension from the Deloach Parkway end to State Route 307/Bourne Avenue near the Port’s main gate.  Completed in May 2016, this $72.8 million connector provides over 9,500 trucks entering and exiting the Port of Savannah each day with uninterrupted access to Interstate Highways 95 and 16 and as a result, reduce truck traffic and improve safety on busy State Route 21/Augusta Highway by enabling trucks to avoid four traffic signals on SR 21 and save more than 10 minutes each trip.  Hussey Gay Bell performed topographic field surveys, property surveys and hydraulic design as a subconsultant on the design/build team led by Archer Western Contractors, LTD/The LPA Group, a unit of Michael Baker Corporation.

Jimmy Deloach Connector
Savannah, GA

The new 3.1-mile extension of Jimmy Deloach Highway improves connectivity and provides uninterrupted access for 9,500+ trucks entering and exiting Georgia Ports Authority’s Port of Savannah Garden City Terminal – the fifth busiest terminal in North America.