Gwinnett Street Widening, Savannah, GA

Gwinnett Street: Improvements for Motorists & Pedestrians

Improvements consist of adding two additional lanes and a 20′ raised grass median. The widening was accomplished to the south of the existing lanes. The section included 30-inch curb and gutter and 5-foot sidewalks on both sides of the road separated from the curb by a 2-foot grass strip. The project also included the replacement of an existing 32-foot bridge over the Springfield Canal with a new wider bridge that will accommodate the new section including sidewalks. The new bridge provides improved drainage capacity for the Springfield Canal.

Gwinnett Street Widening
Savannah, GA

From multiple studies to multiple designs, Hussey Gay Bell has been engaged in the 1.5 decades-long effort to widen and improve the urban arterial of Gwinnett Street which upon completion, will provide for overall improved pedestrian, cyclist and motorist connectivity throughout the Canal District which is slated to include a new arena, commercial and mixed-use facilities.