GPA Multi-Modal Connector Survey, Savannah, GA

Historic Firm Survey Supports Historic Port Connector Project

In conjunction with The Port of Savannah International Multi-Modal Connector project, which will link Garden City Terminal’s two rail yards to improve efficiency and to grow the terminal’s rail lift capacity, Moffat & Nichol contracted Hussey Gay Bell to perform overall boundary, topographic and wetlands surveys as well as underground utility locates for the 272-acre Mason Yard and 197-acre Chatham Yards. The site is being documented aerially using High Resolution Aerial Photography to demonstrate mobility options and parking areas in detail.  Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) mapping is being used to obtain hard pavement shots throughout the survey limits. SUE is being utilized to accurately identify, characterize and map underground utilities.

GPA Multi-Modal Connector Survey
Savannah, GA

The largest survey project by acreage ever delivered by the firm was performed in conjunction with the Port of Savannah Garden City Terminal’s rail yards efficiency and capacity improvements to link the terminal’s two rail yards and increase regional mobility.