GPA Colonel’s Island Bulk Facility, Brunswick, GA

Facilities Grow as Import and Export Grow

The automobile processing business has continued to grow in recent years and has generated high demand for additional property. In order to satisfy this demand, GPA’s need to develop approximately 70 acres into RO/RO parking within the existing Colonel’s Island Bulk Facility area had become of paramount importance to satisfy the Ports’ current customers and account for future customer needs. As one of the nation’s largest and busiest terminals for RoRo imports and RoRo cargo, Hussey Gay Bell was tasked with delivering accelerated pace and high-quality surveys and designs to be bid for construction on one of the most environmentally-conscious RoRo facilities in the country that was required to remain in continuous operation during construction.

Initially, the development was divided into three phases: Phases 1 and 2 were intended to consist of the design/construction of parking areas including car carrier routing and heavy equipment storage in the grass and wooded area. Phase 3 was intended to consist of the design/construction of pavement in the area of the existing building and structures after demolition. However, due to the desire to fast-track the project to mitigate potential interruptions in service during construction and complete construction more quickly, Hussey Gay Bell worked with GPA’s staff to combine the entire project into a demolition phase and a construction phase. This method allowed for a faster delivery of a constructed site.

[Images: Courtesy of Georgia Ports Authority]

GPA Colonel’s Island Bulk Facility
Brunswick, GA

Automobile processing facilities in the GPA Colonel’s Island Terminal demanded additional property as their business grows. In order to satisfy this demand, the GPA developed approximately 70 acres into RO/RO parking within the Colonel’s Island Bulk Facility area. Hussey Gay Bell provided surveying and civil permitting.