Gold Mine Park, Sugar Hill, GA

Gold Mines, History & A 16-Mile Trail

The City of Sugar Hill is planning to redevelop 440 Level Creek Road for use as a park, which will be called Gold Mine Park. The park is proposed to serve as a trailhead along the greenway which passes through the proposed Gold Mine Park, providing parking and amenities for its users. The 9.2-acre Gold Mine Park sits along Level Creek Road, within a mile of City Hall, backing up to both E.E. Robinson parks. The park, which has a name harkening back to the City’s history of gold mining and the property itself, has a lot of historical significance. Grading has begun and a roughly 16-mile loop trail is under construction. As the trail is completed, there will be access to it and a small parking area at Gold Mine Park.

Hussey Gay Bell was tasked with providing architectural and engineering expertise to assist in these efforts and other support services identified by the City including the following: surveying of roadway and hardscape feature locations, underground utility investigation and tree survey, Phase 1 ESA, civil planning and conceptual design, construction documents, driveway encroachment plans and overall permitting, as well as construction services.

Gold Mine Park
Sugar Hill, GA

With an estimated completion in 2019, Gold Mine Park will expose hikers and pedestrians to the history of Sugar Hill’s gold mines and act as a catalyst for the City’s 16-mile trail.