Fort Stewart Elementary School, Fort Stewart, GA

Fort Stewart Elementary School (Kessler Elementary School)

Project consisted of the construction of a new pre-kindergarten through 6th grade elementary school to serve 400 students, which was required at Fort Stewart to accommodate enrollment increases due to new housing being built for the Army’s Residential Communities Initiative. The new elementary school is a one-story 80,788 SF structure on a 25-acre lot located to the south and west of parts of the Liberty Woods military housing project. Access to the site is by two entrances connecting to Austin Road.

The facility includes general purpose classrooms, art classroom, music classroom, computer labs, gymnasium, multi-purpose room with stage and kitchen, specialists’ rooms, information center, administrative offices, teacher work rooms, and supply/storage rooms. The school incorporated advanced communication systems to support technology program requirements, as well as general communications. The project scope included utilities, parking, bus loading/unloading area, playground, sports facilities, signage, fencing, landscaping, and security lighting. The facility aesthetics reflect a welcoming, “Southern Coastal Style” building and incorporating red brick exteriors, white framed windows, white architectural trim, Tuscan or Doric style classical columns, broad eaves, and standing seam metal sloped roofs in a soft green color. This facility was designed and constructed to provide a watertight durable facility consistent with industry standards and be compliant with model building energy codes. Appearance, materials and colors complied with the Fort Stewart Installation Design Guide.

The project was awarded within budget with all options and it was the only project in the Savannah District ’06 program to be awarded within budget. Both design and construction were completed on schedule.

Fort Stewart Elementary
Fort Stewart, GA

Designed an 80,788 SF elementary school for 400 students to accommodate enrollment increases due to new housing built for the Army’s Residential Communities Initiative.