Facilities at Interchange Court, Savannah, GA

One-Stop, Multiple Resources for a Historic Community

Scope of work consisted of the relocation and consolidation of multiple government facilities to a City-owned property at 14 Interchange Court in Savannah, Georgia. Designer of Record, Hussey Gay Bell services included all aspects of site and architectural planning and design including perimeter fencing, site security, parking areas for trucks, heavy equipment and vehicles, traffic plan, storage sheds, equipment storage, refueling area, vehicle wash areas, utilities including water and sewer systems, building/structure locations, power, lighting plan, communications, stormwater management systems, roads, entrances, wetlands permitting and mitigation, railroad, and DOT encroachment permitting, and landscaping.

The property was comprised of three (3) parcels totaling 56.75± acres, which were recombined as part of the project. The development occupies roughly 25 acres and includes a 67,000 SF multi-story administration building, a 23,000 SF operations building, a 14,000 SF street sweeper facility, a 20,000 SF repurposed warehouse building, a fueling station, and various other ancillary structures and storage yards including a security office, street sweep building, vehicle wash and storage sheds. The two largest new buildings, 67,000 SF Admin Building and 23,000 SF Operations Building, were constructed on deep pile foundations and are also fire sprinklered. These facilities were connected with a ±5.5-acre paved yard and multiple access roads and parking lots. In addition to the onsite improvements, the project included a combined total of ±10,150 linear feet of new offsite utility mains, a new sanitary sewer lift station, storm structure, three turn lanes on W. Gwinnett St. and associated widenings, and a new access road connection to W. Gwinnett St. All facilities and infrastructure were planned to allow for potential further development of the site in the future. Approvals were obtained from City of Savannah, USACOE, and GA SWCC.

Facilities at Interchange Court
Savannah, GA

The City of Savannah’s Facilities at Interchange Court is a 103,500 SF+ public, multi-use property that will combine several City departments in one location, providing staff and the community with the convenience of multiple resources in one location.