Effingham County Admin Complex, Springfield, GA

Narrowing the Gap Between County Services

In 2016, Hussey Gay Bell was selected to provide site selection, programming, cost estimating and conceptual design services for the County’s proposed Administrative Complex in an effort to centralize County services. The Effingham County Board of Commissioners currently operates close to 80 sites for the citizens of Effingham County. Located on some of these 80 sites are approximately 55 buildings or structures and approximately 35 of these buildings are used on a daily basis for general office staff for County, State and non-profit organizations. Additionally, the County maintains six buildings that house the bulk of County business including the Sheriff’s Administration Complex and Jail, the County Prison, the Historic Courthouse, the Judicial Complex, the County Annex and the Administration Complex.

Effingham County Admin Complex
Springfield, GA

Completed in 2017, Effingham County’s Administrative Complex is a public facility that provides the majority of county services within a close geographical area, offering a one-stop-shop government campus.