East Rocky Branch Sewer Improvements, Columbia, SC

Replacing Large Diameter Pipe In An Urban Setting

Project scope consists of the replacement of the sanitary sewer piping to upsize the existing piping from Manhole SS-RB05-05541-MH to Manhole SS-RB05-14373-MH for a distance of approximately 4,700 LF with new 36-inch diameter gravity sewer located along Rocky Branch. Phase II also includes the replacement of sanitary sewer piping from Manhole SS-RB05-14373-MH to Manhole SS-RB08-24193-MH for a distance of approximately 2,700 LF with new 42-inch diameter gravity sewer.

East Rocky Branch Sewer Improvements
Columbia, SC

This project features the replacement of an existing major gravity line that is at capacity. The biggest challenges include installing a 42-inch gravity line in a well-developed area with cuts up to 40 feet deep. The project includes coordination with SCE&G to avoid conflicts with a major sub-station, with Vulcan to avoid disrupting operations of their quarry, which is adjacent to the project site and many other utilities, all of which share the common corridor.