East Cooper Water Supply No. 2, Charleston, SC

60,000 Residents Receive Drinking Water, Fire Protection

An ACEC-SC-award winning project, this project reached final completion in 2007. Hussey Gay Bell played a crucial role in the success of Charleston Water System’s East Cooper Water Supply #2 project. Had this project not been completed, it would have resulted in a limited water supply for consumption and fire protection for over sixty thousand residents and hundreds of businesses east of the Cooper River. The expected service life of this new water supply should sustain the East Cooper area for the foreseeable future. Hussey Gay Bell provided route alternative investigations, surveying, easement acquisitions, design, permitting, contractor pre-qualification, bidding, construction administration and construction observation. Subconsultants provided geotechnical services, earthquake/liquefaction analysis, and field testing services. At the time of this project’s completion, it was noted by those in the industry as one of the longest (5,400 linear feet) installations for a pipe of its size (40” diameter). The project reached completion in the summer of 2007 at a cost of $16.4 million.

East Cooper Water Supply No. 2
Charleston, SC

In 2006, Hussey Gay Bell completed the $6.9M, steel East Cooper Water Main, No. 2 at Cooper River, an ACEC-SC award-winning project which was necessary to supply potable drinking water and fire protection to more than 60,000 residents.