Dean Forest Road 24” Main, Savannah, GA

Connecting Savannah, Pooler and Garden City Through Water Service

The existing water main follows the Dean Forest Road corridor of the City of Savannah, with property on either side existing within the City of Pooler and Garden City. As a result, the City had no water service paying customers along the existing route. The impetus for construction of the water main was the City’s commitment to serve the Pooler Mega Site, now occupied in part by the Mitsubishi turbine plant. The water main also provides connections to the City of Savannah water system in Southbridge, previously only supplied by wells, to both the Garden City and Pooler water systems.

Scope of work consisted of the design, permitting and construction of a 24-inch water main connection to a 30-inch water main on Air National Guard property at the airport. Construction of the water main was complicated by heavy traffic along Dean Forest Road, severe space restrictions within the right-of-way of Dean Forest Road, and the need for numerous easements. Additionally, many jack-and-bores were required due to open-cut installation at cross streets and highways which would have been too disruptive to traffic. The water main also had to have a sub-surface crossing of Pipemaker’s Canal.

Dean Forest Road 24” Main
Savannah, GA

Completed in 2011, this $2.4M project was designed and constructed utilizing open-cut and jack-and-bore trenchless technology installation for a water line replacement in a heavily congested area. The project required coordination of utilities in the right-of-way, as well as coordination with homeowners and businesses.