Crossroads WQCP Service Area, Savannah, GA

Master Plan & Provisions for Future Growth

This project consisted of the master plan for the Crossroads WQCP service area in anticipation of diverting flow to the new 3.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant (including 6.0 MGD build-out flows). The master plan included build-out flow projections, locating master pump stations and utilization of hydraulic modeling for conveyance system force main sizing. The project included the review of all existing lift stations in the Crossroads WQCP service area.

The master plan specifically addressed: determination of 2025 contributing area flows for each lift station (existing or proposed) within the Travis Field/Crossroads WQCP services area; development of a flow diversion strategy for each lift station (pump directly to Crossroads or pump indirectly to Crossroads via Travis Field); pumping requirements for the proposed Travis Field lift station, force main sizing and routing; evaluation of whether the existing Travis Field effluent force main could be utilized to redirect flows to Crossroads WQCP; assessment of whether a new lift station for Gulfstream and the Coastal Correction Institute would be beneficial in diverting flows from Travis Field; and provision of concept designs, cost estimate and final recommendations.

Crossroads WQCP Service Area
Savannah, GA

As a result of the master plan, the decommissioning of the existing Travis Field WQCP 1.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant and flow diversion to the new Crossroads 3.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant was designed and constructed from 2007-2008.