Church, Tradd, Queen & Legare, Charleston, SC

An Upgrade for 1800s Water Mains

In 2013, Hussey Gay Bell’s professional design staff reached final completion on the construction phase of this project which consisted of the replacement of potable water mains constructed in the late 1800s in the Charleston Historic District along Church, Tradd, Queen and Legare Streets in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Most of these water mains were manufactured of cast iron and were installed in the late 1800s. This project replaced approximately 12,400 LF of existing 6-inch cast iron with primarily 8” and 12” ductile iron pipe and valves. The primary challenge during the design was finding a location for the new line that was constructible, while keeping the existing water services active. Placement of the pipeline was extremely difficult due to the numerous underground utilities, including the old stormwater drainage arches. Trenchless alternatives investigated included cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and pipe bursting to minimize disruption to traffic and residents. Due to the sensitive nature of these old historic neighborhoods, an organized community outreach to neighborhood councils was implemented.

Church, Tradd, Queen & Legare
Charleston, SC

Completed for the Charleston Water System (CWS), this project was designed and constructed utilizing CIPP and pipe-bursting trenchless technology installation for water line replacements in a heavily congested, historical area. This project featured evaluation of trenchless technologies and coordination with residents and businesses, while maintaining service.