Chatham Parkway Rehabilitation, Garden City, GA

Rehab of a Main Arterial in Port City, Garden City

Hussey Gay Bell assisted the City with the funding to repair a five-lane roadway project between I-16 and US Highway 80, approximately one-mile section in Garden City, Georgia. The road had exceeded its planned life and was in need of great repair. Hussey Gay Bell provided design that called for Full Dept Replacement of asphaltic concrete paving, GAB base and subgrade. The materials were mixed and combined with cement to provide the base material for the new paving section. For pavement design, Hussey Gay Bell performed traffic analysis to obtain the design standards for the roadway. In addition to the paving, reconstruction of curb and gutter, improvement of earth shoulder and ditch, replacement of pipes, roadway striping and sign replacement were also included in the work. The project was designed in accordance with GDOT Standards. Hussey Gay Bell has provided Preliminary and Final Design, Due-Diligence, Environmental Engineering and Surveying services.

Chatham Parkway Rehabilitation
Garden City, GA

Project features the rehabilitation of a deteriorating urban arterial in the port city of Garden City, home to the Georgia Ports Authority Garden City Terminal – the fifth busiest terminal in North America. Due to heavy traffic and truckloads, the road had exceeded its useful life and required complete reconstruction.