BJWSA Water & Sewer Master Plan, Jasper County, SC

Two Alternatives for Future Development

The purpose of this document was to provide a master plan for a water distribution system to serve the potential developments outlined in the Land Use Study of South Jasper County. This Master Plan evaluates two alternatives for source water to South Jasper County; additional groundwater wells or master metered connections to the Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority’s (BJWSA) surface water supply.

At the time, potable water was supplied to South Jasper County by individual wells and the Levy-Limehouse Bellinger Hill (LLBH) Water Company. The LLBH water system consisted of two groundwater wells of 250 gpm each, one 150,000-gallon elevated storage tank and a distribution system consisting mostly of 8″ diameter pipe. The current system could supply approximately 720,000 gpd of water in most areas and does not

provide fire protection to all areas.
In this Master Plan, build-out water demands were derived, an upgraded water distribution system was developed and modeling was performed to determine the required improvements to the LLBH water system to meet the build-out water demands of South Jasper County. Models were run separately for each potential water supply source; new groundwater wells or BJWSA surface water supply. Recommendations and budget cost estimates were also included.

A land use study was also completed by Hussey Gay Bell in October 2004 for BJWSA to determine the possible future development in South Jasper County. The land use study used existing statistical information, tax maps, parcel data, interviews with current property owners, existing development guidelines and ordinances to identify potential development properties in South Jasper County that lie within the LLBH service area.

BJWSA Water & Sewer Master Plan
Jasper County, SC

Completed in 2005, Hussey Gay Bell provided water and sewer master planning services, as well as financial analysis to address the Land Use Study of South Jasper County.