Bacon Park Reuse Main Improvements, Savannah, GA

Drilling 5 Miles of Pipe In The Name of Reuse

This project consists of a new 16-inch diameter reuse water main from the President Street Water Reclamation Facility to the Bacon Park Golf Course and improvements to the reuse water pumping facilities at the President Street facility. The proposed reuse water main is approximately 29,000 LF and will include stub-outs for future connections to irrigable sites along the route. In particular, this project will involve numerous road crossings and installation of a large diameter, 16-inch water main. The project will feature over 25,400-foot individual sections (approximately 5,500 LF) installed via horizontal directional drill due to railroad and roadway crossings. Future project phases may extend the reuse water main south of the Bacon Park Golf Course, so that additional irrigable sites may be served.

Bacon Park Reuse Main Improvements
Savannah, GA

This project demonstrates Hussey Gay Bell’s experience with the study, design and permitting of complex transmission main projects involving the coordination of utilities in the right-of-way within congested urban areas.