Apalachee High School Renovation, Winder, GA

A 169,000 SF Phased Renovation For Barrow County

Apalachee High School is Hussey Gay Bell’s first project with the Barrow County School System. This comprehensive renovation and modification will encompass 169,000 SF and include every component of the existing campus that will remain in operation during renovations. Phased over two summers, and continuing throughout the school year, Hussey Gay Bell will maintain a safe environment for students and teachers without interruption, while all HVAC, ceilings, lighting, finishes, LAN components and other program modifications are accomplished. The project budget is $11M and the design work is slated to commence soon, in advance of bidding to allow contractors to competitively price and procure all critical components, ensuring tight summer schedules are met and an effective phasing plan can be planned and implemented.

Apalachee High School Renovation
Winder, GA

Currently under design, the phased renovation of Apalachee High School will reach completion in 2021 and encompass nearly the entire school, all while remaining in operation.