Like my peers at Clemson University, I graduated with a solid grasp of civil engineering concepts that made me stand out to prospective employers. Many of us received and accepted offers to respected engineering firms. However, we all quickly learned that theory, without practical application, will not get you very far. Unfortunately for some of my friends, no one invested the time into growing their skills and they got stuck with the same repetitive tasks.

Hussey Gay Bell recognizes that it is the role of managers and principals to further the practical knowledge of young engineers such as myself, and I quickly began to reap the benefits of the culture at Hussey Gay Bell. Having experienced engineers that I could lean on, but who would also keep me on my toes, allowed me to learn quickly and become proficient at many tasks.

Since beginning at Hussey Gay Bell, I have been involved in nearly every imaginable type of water/wastewater project. From DOT driven utility relocation projects, to mile-long directional boring installations. There is a saying around here that designing a water line is more than just drafting a line on a page. I think that is a bit of an understatement, but we wouldn’t want it any other way – the most fulfilling projects are the challenging ones.

Going into my third year with Hussey Gay Bell, I am confident in my abilities to solve complex design and construction issues, and I enjoy facing those obstacles everyday with the rest of the engineering staff. I look forward to continuing my journey here and completing my training to become a PE, all while developing client relationships and friendships. As long as people need water, we will rise to the challenge and ensure ratepayers get the value they deserve and providers get the system they need.