From a young age I knew that I wanted to ‘help the world’. But what did that truly mean to this little girl? It meant figuring out what it was about the professional world that spoke to me. It wasn’t until a college professor asked me the question, “when you travel throughout the world, what steals your attention?” that it all made sense. I’d never been asked something like that in respect to my career. But it was in this moment that I realized I loved buildings. Plain and simple. It might have taken me looking at my future through my camera lens, but it worked! My passion for the intricacy and innovation of buildings, both new and old, had always been within me, I just never knew how to apply that to my future. It was in this recognition that I decided I wanted to be a structural engineer and help build the world.

I started with Hussey Gay Bell the summer of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, and since then, I have truly found a home. I have been exposed to advanced architecturally appealing facilities as well as facilities necessary for community health and wellness.

My mission as a structural engineer is to work with architects and designers to solve problems while maintaining style, functionality, ingenuity and budget. If there’s a problem, there’s a solution – we simply have to siphon through the data around us to find it. While each project brings its own arsenal of challenges, the teams at Hussey Gay Bell are both prepared and eager to conquer them. I have had the pleasure of working with design teams across multiple offices and can only speak highly of them all. I’m excited to be a part of a team that strives to find the most effective solutions to the most peculiar problems.

My hope for the future of my career is to continue challenging myself and my coworkers to solve challenges outside of the box and continue to create spaces that inspire others to do what they are called to do.

With every project I have had the privilege of being a part of I feel as though I’m making a difference in someone else’s life for the better, and that’s all I have ever wanted to do.