I am pleased to say that I have been with the firm since 1981 having been hired by one of the founders, Roy Hussey. Looking back on those formative years, I see a growth in my technical and personal skills that I can only attribute to the numerous qualified and enthusiastic associates that make up the family at Hussey Gay Bell. During my career, I have felt a confidence in my efforts knowing that I have the support of experienced and highly educated partners on our design teams who are available to collaborate on challenging projects.

I take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in moving about our community being able to see countless projects that I have been a part of. Knowing that these projects are in full use and are of great benefit to the individuals and community as a whole is my personal reward.

The culture at Hussey Gay Bell is one of family. This is something that is mentioned from time to time at company functions, but becomes real and personal when you are the one who is directly involved and can affirm the reality of this family commitment.

As I look forward, I see a great potential in the “family” of Hussey Gay Bell. This great potential is largely the result of the leadership of the firm and the efforts of the staff that they have assembled. I take great pride in knowing that I am associated with such a highly respected group of professionals.