300 225 Hussey Gay Bell

Hussey Gay Bell Receives Outstanding Project Award

Savannah, GA – Hussey Gay Bell has received an Outstanding Project Award in Learning by Design Magazine’s Fall 2021 Architectural and Interior Design Awards of Excellence. Savannah Country Day School’s new Mingledorff Hall, Upper School STEM Center has been recognized as a benchmark facility for its incorporation of next generation learning space design and planning. All awarded facilities met or exceeded the six judging criteria of: Innovation, Community Needs, Interior Design, Sustainability, Functional Design and Next Generation Learning.

The peer-reviewed jury applauded Hussey Gay Bell for its accomplishment stating, “The design solution provides a thoughtful hybrid between matching the existing brick architecture of the campus with a contemporary look befitting a STEM center. The spaces appear to be designed for daylighting and comfort. Having the fixed perimeter of benches with plumbing and utilities next to large windows make the space inviting to explore. Having moveable benches with adjustable legs in the center of the labs show ways to bring in flexibility into the learning environment.”

The new 32,000 SF Mingledorff Hall, Upper School STEM Center is slated to include five math classrooms, five science labs, an energy learning lab and a fabrication/maker space. Additional features include a lecture stair, library, conference/meeting rooms, a common area for students, two Deans’ offices, and a second-story outdoor gathering space.

The project is the result of a collaboration between Architect of Record, Hussey Gay Bell and Master Planner, Architectural Resources Cambridge (ARC). The project is being constructed by Savannah-based West Construction and is scheduled to reach completion in the fall of 2022.