300 225 Hussey Gay Bell

Hussey Gay Bell Receives Outstanding Project Award

Savannah, GA – Hussey Gay Bell has received an Outstanding Project Award in Learning by Design Magazine’s Fall 2022 Architectural & Interior Design Awards of Excellence. Savannah-Chatham County Public School System’s new Herschel V. Jenkins High School has been acknowledged as an influential facility for its incorporation of next generation learning space design and planning methodologies. All awarded facilities met the six judging criteria of: Innovation, Sustainability, Interior Design, Next Generation Learning, Planning and Functional Design, and Community Needs.

The peer-reviewed jury congratulated Hussey Gay Bell on its accomplishment, stating “The exterior of the building makes it feel like it is a special place for the community and pulled in elements of the old school. The reuse of the existing building signage was nice as a welcoming element. Daylight filled entry provides for a welcoming entrance to the school and the school day.”

Scope consisted of the design and construction of a new high school to replace the existing on-site school located on a 40-acre site off of DeRenne Avenue. The project was phased with Phase I consisting of the design and construction of a new, two-story, 241,651 SF school to accommodate 1,275 FTE students and Phase II consisting of the demolition of the old school and construction of new athletic facilities and ancillary parking.

The project was constructed by JE Dunn Construction with Phase I reaching completion in 2021 and Phase II concluding this year.