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Hussey Gay Bell, Charleston Expands

Charleston, SC – Hussey Gay Bell is pleased to announce the hires of Civil Supervisor, Mr. William “Bret” Godwin, PE and Civil Designer, Mr. Joseph Gaul, EIT. Bret joins the firm with experience designing and managing industrial, commercial, residential, healthcare, public safety, transportation, and water and wastewater projects. He will manage and oversee design efforts for the firm’s civil projects in multiple markets including industrial, commercial, residential, education and government.  Bret obtained a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Old Dominion University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in South Carolina. He is also a retired Naval Officer with over 21 years of active-duty service.

Joseph joins the firm with experience in reviewing design plans, local government regulations and stormwater drainage simulations. He will be responsible for the development of preliminary design reports, engineering calculations, technical reports, permitting, construction documents and project specifications. Joseph obtained a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Clemson University and is a certified Engineer-in-Training (EIT) in South Carolina. He is also a SCDHEC Certified Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspector (CEPSCI), SCDHEC Certified Stormwater Plan Reviewer (CSPR) and Certified Post-Construction BMP Inspector.