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Hussey Gay Bell Hosts GA CEFPI Meeting

201418-01bSuwanee, Georgia – On Thursday, August 21st, Hussey Gay Bell co-hosted Georgia CEFPI’s chapter meeting at the recently completed Gwinnett County Public Schools Northbrook Middle School.  Hosting over 120 attendees, the event was tailored around a project features presentation and tours of the new facility. The Hussey Gay Bell/Barton Malow team was responsible for the design and construction of the 210,000 SF school, which opened to students previously this year.  The new school features:  30 regular classrooms, 12 science classrooms, 2 Computer Labs, 8 Special Education Classrooms (Self-Contained), Art, Family Consumer Science, Band, Choral, Orchestra, Technology Lab, Business Lab, Technology Education Lab, Gym, Activity Space and Media Center.  Of unique note, the project was designed and constructed within an existing, obsolete Panasonic distribution warehouse.