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Garden City officials announced Friday that the municipality has received two gold awards for water quality from the Georgia Association of Water Professionals. Association spokesman Bryan Wagoner said that of the group’s approximately 350 members, about 50 receive the awards each year. Garden City’s water department was honored for meeting Georgia Environmental Protection Division permit standards for wastewater and drinking water every day in 2009. The association’s 2010 awards have not been released, according to Wagoner. “While purely permit performance may not sound impressive, there are several hundred opportunities to not get the award,” Wagoner said, adding that testing is done every 30 minutes to an hour, 365 days a year. The gold award was the city’s third consecutive for water operations and the fourth for wastewater treatment. City Manager Brian Johnson said the award gave municipal officials the opportunity to honor employees who maintain a service that often gets taken for granted. “People just assume that when they turn on their faucet at home that water will come out,” he said, adding that “they overlook all the work it takes for that to happen.”