The very nature of architecture implies creativity and ingenuity but requires adherence to design principles and facility requirements. The architecture team here at Hussey Gay Bell embraces imagination but also designs without over-designing. It’s important to hire an architect with vision and imagination, but it’s critical to hire an architect that can advise and deliver. From master planning and site selection to programming, detailed design and construction administration, our architects are with you from concept through completion. We’re instrumental in taking your idea and guiding your through the process to fruition.

We have designed hundreds of projects ranging from neoclassical to modern to contemporary and in some cases, projects that feature a blend of the different eras, not to mention embrace New Urbanism. Projects types include commercial office buildings, k-12 and higher education facilities, city/county facilities including courthouses, city halls and public safety facilities, acute care and outpatient care facilities, industrial facilities and ancillary facilities to support water and transportation infrastructure projects.

With seasoned architecture studios in some of the trendiest locations in the south, our architects have sharpened their abilities to deliver a variety of project types within the given context of communities, ranging from trendy Atlanta and Nashville to our historic communities of Savannah, Columbia and Charleston. Let us listen to your needs, your wants, your desires for your project, then delight you with our ability to deliver that vision to you in a way that allows for smart growth and future expansions

Core Areas of Service

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