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Hussey Gay Bell Hosts Engineering Explorer Post

Savannah, Georgia – 
On October 22nd, Hussey Gay Bell hosted an Engineering Explorer Post activity for 13 local students – from Beach High School, Jenkins High School, Johnson High School, Savannah High School, New Hampstead High School and Woodville-Tompkins – who are participating in the program throughout the 2015-16 school year. The purpose of the Engineering Explorer Post is to provide students with an overview of the various career options within the Engineering field, as well as post-secondary program information and to assist them in making decisions about their future career pathways.  Explorers attend monthly meetings throughout the school year at Hussey Gay Bell and other venues to gain first-hand information about their career path, make valuable career contacts, and learn skills and information related to their chosen career field.  Participants must maintain a GPA of 80+ for engineering.  Hussey Gay Bell’s Exploring program is led by Steve Wohlfeil, PE, and C.J. Chance, Jr., PE – both Principals of the firm.  Hussey Gay Bell has been a sponsor of the program since 2008.

About the Program:  Exploring, a subsidiary organization of the Boy Scouts of America, is a career education program for youth. Exploring is the work-site based portion of the Boy Scout’s Learning for Life program. Learning for Life Executives facilitate school/business partnerships by organizing Career Specialty Explorer Posts to meet both the needs of students to experience the job-site first hand, and the needs of local businesses to recruit and attract future employees to a given career field. The BSA staff and volunteers work with teachers and school system administrators to match student career interests with local businesses who are willing to provide a regular schedule of work-based learning opportunities, including hands-on activities, career seminars, job skills training, departmental tours, campus tours and presentations and job shadowing.