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Bell Appointed to Georgia Chamber of Commerce

G. Holmes Bell, IV, PE was appointed to serve on the Georgia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. The state’s largest business advocacy organization, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce represents a diverse cross-section of industry and commerce. Their statewide membership includes both small storefronts and large corporations – no matter the size or type of business, they provide leadership, education, and action regarding policy matters that impact a company’s bottom line. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s number one mission is keeping, growing and creating jobs in our state. That means making sure Georgia is economically competitive, developing innovative solutions to the challenges we face today, and maintaining a commitment to a high quality of life. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is not a state entity. They are a private organization whose primary goal is to further the business interests of our membership. They are also separate from your local chamber of commerce. While they have many of the same goals and desires to see business thrive in our state, the Georgia Chamber is able to focus on state-wide issues that impact the success of Georgia companies.